Little Things

Sometimes, I sit by a burning candle And wonder what I did wrong. Did I not love you as such? Or, was it a bit too much? Was it the murky shoes which I left by the door? Or, the crumpled pages I threw on the floor? Was it the salt that I once added... Continue Reading →


Naked City

My city lies beneath, The debris of charred expectations And muffled moans, disguised as orgasms. It punishes me on cold, wet nights When my tears taste the same As a pint of Vodka. Its breaths strangle me With heavy arms of despair, And drown me in a deluge of woe. Its whispers echo Through my... Continue Reading →

The One Who Never Will

What if someone could adore my scars Instead of cherishing my beauty? Would he be a fool then? Or would he be like the poet, Searching for solace in Autumn? What if somebody could see my pain, Peeking through my fictitive smile, And then kiss my crooked lips? Would he feel nothing?... Or would he... Continue Reading →

The Journey Uphill

The stranded soul pines for mere comfort Nestled amongst the entwined thorns; That prick thy dreams and hopes and efforts, Leaving a page casually torn From life. A gaping wound, a bleeding scar Adorn the struggles of this quest. And those weary sights, that travel afar, Desperately seek a moment of rest. The solitary path... Continue Reading →

The Muse & The Mate

    Death, once, had a lover; An old lady with murky white curls, Eyes dull black, and wrinkled cheeks. She used to kiss him, on sombre nights, And her lips would taste like flakes of ash. Death would often run his scrawny fingers Over her body, coarse and stale, While making love to her... Continue Reading →

A Silent Man’s Soliloquy

I I wish I could  put an end to this misery. The very thought had earlier disrupted my pleasant musings as I sat quietly in a sparsely filled bar somewhere near Park Street. An otherwise gratifying day had ensured that I sit there, by myself, 'celebrating' my success. I believe a fragment of that idiosyncratic... Continue Reading →

Cigarettes On A Half-Baked Afternoon

Aren’t we all like this?... Just a puff of smoke, Waiting to disappear into chaos. Moments had passed since she sat on the rug beside her bed. Another thin, white roll loosely pressed Between her dried lips. She took a long drag and then some, Wondering when her life had slipped away From the edge... Continue Reading →

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